“The Blunt Issue of Windows”

Speaking about insanity, there’s also a more cheerful sort out there, and that’s the one I employ for both work and entertainment whenever I have the strength. Since it’s better experienced rather than explained, here an example: this is an excerpt from an email I wrote a month or more ago.

Outside of the possibilities, opportunities and contingencies RPGing represents in the reflexively modern world, one regularly encounters the blunt issue of windows. Some of these cannot be metaphysically opened, as it were, but others could potentially lend themselves to being ontologically re-installed, or even onto-ethically upgraded to newer, in ways more broken, in others more definitively repaired, but always-in-becoming versions. Put simply, whenever your temporal availability meets the necessary and sufficient conditions of angst-free Zeitgeist-Leerlauf, our communal-social spiritual, intellectual and entertainment maintenance entity ought to be entirely able to, metaphorically, synechdochally and symbolically speaking of course, re-replace the operations of the local-global-glocal-blob system in its driving and librarianistic liminal hybridicity with the centrally master-narrated edition of the New Microscopic Soft-Tissue Times.

What did I say before – outdoublethink their doublethink? Might have been just right. Or, to put it in the words of a computer game character I find both charming and rather annoying at the same time: